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Meet Lauren

My life and spirituality are informed, inspired, and enriched by the universal love and awareness that lie at the heart of all sacred traditions.

For nearly three decades I have studied and practiced meditation in the Buddhist tradition, while also engaging with the Christian contemplative as well as non-dual paths. In addition, I have extensive experience with Jewish, Hindu, Sufi, Baha’i, and Quaker traditions. 

In my free time I love to hike, cook, garden, weave, spend time with my family,

hang out with my dogs, and travel to far-flung places. 

I received my certificate in Spiritual Direction through Oasis Ministries for Spiritual Development. Beginning in September, 2022 I will be training spiritual directors as co-leader for Oasis' Ministries Deepening Year for Direction Ministries, a year-long training program for practicing spiritual directors. I received certification to teach Mindfulness meditation through Sage Institute for Creativity and Consciousness. I am a graduate of the Integrated Study and Practice Program at Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. I also hold a MS in Teaching/Communications from Antioch University New England.

I am a member of Spiritual Directors International and abide by their

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct.

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